Sell your non-professional photos on internet!

Frequently asked questions when selling photos online

  1. Give me a proof that selling he photos online really works!
  2. Look at my profiles in different photobanks and check my downloads against the photos I make. I'm really not a professional, my equipment is basic and my photos are not really the best in the photobank.
    My profile at Istockphoto (more links in discussion)

  3. Can I sell the same photos in many photobanks?
  4. Of course, that is the power of your photos. One photo can earn a lot of money in different photobanks in the same time. Unless you are an exclusive photographer, or you set the photos exclusive for the photobank. Exclusive photos are usually sold for more but for me personally is better to sell photos in more then one photobank.

  5. Who can sell photos on internet?
  6. Everybody. That means everybody from amateur and non-professional photographers up to professionals.

  7. The image I submit has myself in it. Do I need a model release?
  8. Yes, all models are required to sign a proper release if the images are to be sold for commercial purposes.

  9. Where can I obtain model/property release forms?
  10. Once you have created a photographer account with photobak, you may proceed to download the appropriate Model and Property Releases from their website. Each use its own release.

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