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Software and applications for microstock photographers


ProStockMaster automates image processing and uploading to multiple microstock photo agencies. The software runs on Windows(Vista,XP,ME,2000) and Mac OS X computers.

Adopted by thousands of stock photographers around the globe, ProStockMaster frees your hands for your camera, allowing you to concentrate on what you really love to do - shoot your pictures.

Try it for free! Download and use ProStockMaster with the free license as long as you wish (limited to 5 uploads daily). You can purchase an unlimited license at anytime - no need to re-download or re-install the software.

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Cushy Stock

Cushy Stock is a new application designed specifically for photographers and illustrators to speed up workflow and make submitting images to these agencies a breeze. Multiple agency financial tracking. No more logging in to each site 100 times a day.

What can it do? First of all, It can view and manage your digital photos and vector illustrations by categories. You can use default categories, edit them or create your own. Each category may contain specific keywords. This feature will allow you to automatically add these keywords to any photo from this category. Of course, each photo may be assigned to several categories. The process of adding a photo to the selected category is extremely simple - just drag and drop it

Cushy Stock supports the RAW format for the majority of digital cameras. The software tracks your images and changes so it will not allow you to upload an image to the same agency twice. Your file data will not be lost if you move the file, rename it, etc. Cushy Stock is very lightweight and uses very little memory to do all of this!

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Stock Photo Express

Stock Photo Express is software that makes it easy to manage your stock portfolio, associate IPTC/XMP data with your images, and batch upload them to selected microstock photo agencies.

Try it for free! You can download and use Stock Photo Express for free (for evaluational purposes). Unlicensed version allows you to upload no more than 7 files a week.

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